Why AFSNext?

Find your direction. Discover what’s next.
We help you convert wanderlust into a purposeful experience abroad.


Why go abroad?

  • Cultural Immersion
    Immersing yourself in unfamiliar cultures and connecting with people from different backgrounds can expand and diversify your perspectives and ways of solving problems, making you more adaptable and creative.
  • Language Skills
    Learning a second language exposes you to varied modes of thinking and communicating, inspiring curiosity, empathy, and understanding. Plus, being multilingual extends and improves your career prospects.
  • Career Development & Resume-Building
    As societies continue to globalize, more and more employers are looking for candidates with intercultural communication skills and global competence. If you can collaborate with more people around the world, you can work in more places and positions.
  • Social Impact
    Discover meaningful ways to give back to your host community abroad and learn how to make change wherever you go next. Many AFSNext programs are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (or Global Goals).

Why go abroad with AFSNext?

  1. Guidance & Support
    • AFSNext Specialists get to know you and find programs that are the best fit for your individual needs, interests, and goals.
    • We offer application support and pre-trip preparation to guide you through your journey.
  2. Variety of Programs
    • We cater to Gap Year, college, and post-college students, retirees, and any adult looking to find what’s next.
    • With over 100 diverse program possibilities ranging from interning, teaching, studying, volunteering, you’re bound to find the right fit.
    • AFSNext offers programs in nearly 30 countries with over 30 program focuses.
  3. Customizability
    • Decide on program lengths from one week to a year, which are tailored to your schedule with start dates all year round.
  4. Global Citizenship
    • AFS has a 70 year history of developing the intercultural awareness, understanding, and communication skills necessary to cultivate global citizens.
    • Join a world-wide community of over 400,000 diverse AFS alumni.
    • Earn your Global Competence Certification!

What’s included in your fee?

  • Housing
  • Support before and during your program
  • Personal advisement from an AFSNext Specialist
  • Secondary Medical Coverage
  • Global Competence Certificate Course

What’s global competence?

Your AFSNext enrollment comes with a variety of added benefits, including Global Competence Certification.

Sentio Global Competence

Global competence is becoming a key skillset for employees of global companies and organizations. The AFSNext Global Competence Certificate (GCC) was developed through a partnership between AFS and the Sentio Network, a consortium of organizations dedicated to quality intercultural learning experiences and global competence training. This certificate, provided to all AFSNext participants, will serve as a measurement and validation of your knowledge in this important field.

The AFSNext certification course launches a deeper exploration of intercultural learning through an experiential learning approach. While abroad, it will help you get the most from your experience. When you return, you’ll be able to include your achievement on your resume or applications.

By the end of your journey, you’ll have acquired the skills necessary for your personal and professional development:

  • Self-awareness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Awareness about others
  • Bridges to others

Gain the skills and grow the capacities you need to be a global citizen.

See the world and find your way with AFSNext.