The below description has been provided by our implementing program administrator and is subject to change.

Program Overview

Help empower and educate women in Cambodia

Explore Cambodian destinations including the ancient city of Phnom Penh and be a part of the sustainable women’s empowerment efforts in the community. The objective of this program is to supply the women of Cambodia with the skills to help eliminate poverty and increase education levels throughout the country. Additionally, this program is associated with several UN Sustainable Development Goals, Goal #5 – Gender Equality being the central goal.

As a founding participant on this new Women’s Empowerment project in Cambodia, you will lay the groundwork for building gender equality in the lives of local women through health and education initiatives, basic English classes, and life skills workshops. You will engage in one-on-one educational lessons for girls and women, orchestrate alternative income or health workshops, or work in local educational centers.

Along your journey, you’ll have opportunities to visit a variety of Cambodian destinations and delve into the natural beauty and attractions of Phnom Penh, as well as full immersion in the local language, Khmer, and vibrant Cambodian culture.

Where you’ll stay in Cambodia

Accommodation is in shared (usually same sex, unless otherwise requested) rooms with shared bathroom facilities. We will provide bedding (sheets, pillows, and pillowcases), but you are more than welcome to bring your own if you prefer (single bed). There is running water available for cooking and showers. Flush toilet facilities are available.

Food will be cooked in traditional local styles and vegetarians can be accommodated. Everyone makes their own breakfast with the products in the house provided and will be mainly porridge, bread or cereal with fresh fruit and coffee or tea. During project days, we eat lunch on project. Dinner will be cooked by the group, with rotating cooking responsibilities. A typical evening meal may include beans, rice, pasta, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

You will have daily access to long-distance communications while on the project, but storms and power outages may make contact somewhat unreliable. So, make sure friends and family know how often they can expect to hear from you, and that there may be times when the internet connection is faulty. Participants can also purchase a local SIM card for cell service. If you want to do so, please bring a simple, unlocked phone to use.

Cambodian destinations

Activities & Training

Things to do during your time in Cambodia

Participants are welcome to visit a variety of Cambodian destinations during their free time or before and after their project experience. All associated costs and travel expenses are not included in the program fee and must be factored into the participant’s own budget.

On weekends, you will be able to visit local landmarks like the Royal Palace, a major heritage site and the official residence of King Sihamoni. Inside, make sure you find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha!

Cambodian destinations offer a unique blend of lush jungles, vast temple ruins, and stunning coastlines, so you’re bound to find exactly the adventure you’ve been seeking. If you decide to travel north of the Royal Palace, you’ll find the National Museum of Cambodia and the magnificent Angkor Wat temple, the largest religious monument in the world.

In addition, you can visit the Mondulkiri Province, which stands in contrast to the rest of Cambodian destinations and literally means “Meeting of the Hills.” This area combines mountains, hills, and rainforests. You can spot some amazing wildlife here, including elephants, leopards, monkeys, and birds.

Cambodian destinations

Orientation and training

In preparation for your time in Cambodia, you will receive a complete orientation session covering our health and safety guidelines, as well as the necessary training you need to participate in our projects. As part of the orientation process, you can look forward to a basic Khmer language lesson, a tour of the area in which you will work, and a meeting with our local partners.

Good to Know

Visa information for Cambodia

Field staff advise that you enter the country on an E-Class visa. For most nationalities, this can be obtained upon arrival and extended in country. You will need one passport-size photo, and you will need to pay for your visa in US Dollars.

Please be aware that you are responsible for having the correct visa and any costs incurred in obtaining it. On occasion, this may need to be arranged in advance. Check with the immigration authorities of the countries you intend to visit.

Health and safety

The nearest emergency medical facilities are located a few kilometers from the base. In addition, health and safety briefings are given to all volunteers when they arrive. Please note that we cannot provide specific medical advice. Please consult your primary care provider (doctor, GP, etc.) or visit a travel clinic for further information.