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Program Overview

The birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, Western literature, historiography, political science, and more, Greece has an abundance of culture to uncover. This historied nation has a wealth of world-renowned landmarks and cultural sites to explore. In Chalkida, the city of “mad waters,” you can admire Greek culture on pedestrian boardwalks or watch the Greek sunset along the waterfront, all while making a major difference in the lives of refugees in the community.

Since 2015, more than one million refugees fleeing war, persecution, natural disasters, and poverty have traveled to Greece in search of safety and a dignified life. As a volunteer in Greece, you’ll have the opportunity to work with local people at a refugee camp to provide a sense of normalcy and stability in the lives of refugees. You’ll enjoy learning about the history and culture of Greece as you lend your unique passion and work side-by-side with members of your new home.

Refugees in Greece

Where you’ll stay

You will stay in a hotel just one block from the seaside promenade in Chalkida. This family-run hotel provides a welcoming and relaxing retreat from your volunteer work, with indoor and outdoor spaces to relax and enjoy a warm cup of Greek coffee or fresh fruit juice. Well-equipped rooms with high-speed internet connection will give you the opportunity to share your experiences with friends and family back home. Or, you can take a hike to Chalkida’s castle and lighthouse to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

A full breakfast is served each morning at the hotel. You’ll have lunch at the refugee camp. For dinner, you’ll find a wide variety of traditional Greek foods at a nearby, family-run restaurant. Volunteers are always welcome to check out some of Chalkida’s delicious seafood bistros or international cafes that dot the coastline.

Alley in Greece

Volunteer Options

  • Female Friendly Space
    The Female Friendly Space was developed in response to the unique challenges that women face when their homes have been destroyed and their communities displaced. Volunteers provide companionship, cultural exchange, and moral support, as well as activities including arts and crafts, knitting, afternoon tea, and physical exercise.
  • Distribution Center
    Your volunteer work will support the needs of refugee families, including essential supplies through the Distribution Center. At the Center, volunteers are responsible for the distribution of milk, tea, and hygiene products, as well as running the camp clothing shop.
  • Laundry Center
    Through a laundry center at the camp, refugees can have their clothes cleaned regularly. Residents can help keep the center running smoothly by scheduling appointments, receiving clothes that need washing, and operating the machines. Volunteers working in the laundry operations help to provide an important basic service for residents.
  • Clothing Shop
    To humanize their stay in the camp, the Clothing Shop provides access to clothes, shoes, and jackets for refugees. Volunteers working in the shop will assist with all shop operations such as restocking, organizing, helping residents shop, and more.

Volunteer with refugees in greece


Things to do

Volunteers are welcome to organize side trips for their free time or before or after their project experience. All associated costs and travel expenses are not included in the project fee and need to be factored into your own budget.

  • Sail in the Greek Sea
    Escape on a sailboat to the Euripus Strait, right off the Aegean Sea, and explore the varied and rugged islands of central Greece. Hop off for a swim in the warm waters of the sea or enjoy a delicious island barbecue on the sandy shores as a part of a day trip, or even a full weekend.
  • Hike a historic lighthouse
    An afternoon hike to the historic lighthouse in Chalkida leads not only to beautiful views of the crystal-clear waters of Evia Island but takes you a step back in time. Discovered during the German occupation of Greece, this lighthouse boasts relics dating as far back as the Bronze Age.
  • Go island hopping
    Greece is famous for its striking islands, filled with blue and white architecture, against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. Spend a weekend lounging on the Greek islands, or hopping between a few to experience delicious food, a warm and welcoming culture, and peaceful island life.
  • Discover Greek mountains
    While images of blue seas might come to mind when you think of Greece, it’s also home to stunning mountain landscapes. Hike the mountain of Dirfis, at over 5,000 feet, and see an entirely new side to the beauty of your Greek home.

Volunteer with refugee in Greece