The below description has been provided by our implementing program administrator and is subject to change.

Program Overview

Nepal is a naturally and culturally beautiful country, but the unfortunate truth is that the streets of Nepal’s cities and towns are where a lot of children end up when their families can no longer support them. Hundreds are found each year in this situation. Through placements in Nepal you will help create a nurturing and positive environment to provide the much needed educational support for these children.

Volunteers provide the local teachers critical support with the funding from program fees being almost the only source of funds. Our main aim is to keep these facilities running to allow the provision of education to continue.

Volunteer with Children in Nepal


Where you’ll stay

You will be living with other volunteers in a shared (same sex) rooms with shared bathroom facilities with a local host family. There is running water (cold) available for showers. Flush toilet facilities are available but they can also be eastern- style squat toilet. You’ll have a private room and conditions will be simple but comfortable.

Volunteer with Children in Nepal

Activities & Training

Things to do

During the placement you will get a chance to explore Pokhara and the surrounding areas. There are several optional side trips available too; white water rafting on the Trisuli River, trekking in the Annapurna range and for those staying 6 weeks or more you can take a safari in Chitwan National Park. Before and after your programme you could trek to Everest base camp ($800), you could take flight around Everest ($175), take a 3 day trip down the Kali Gandaki river ($175), trek to Annapurna Base Camp ($465) or take a 3 day safari in Chitwan National Park ($160)

Children in Nepal

Orientation and Training

Staff in the field will provide training on the skills required, but you may benefit from learning more about local history, culture and customs before you travel.

Good to Know

Application requirements and preparation

It is not essential that you purchase a book before, coming, but reading (even skimming) one of the following books and websites will give you a good foundation for what’s to come, and will prove useful to you after the course if you continue child care.

  • “Nepal” by Hans Hofer
  • “Lonely Planet Guide to Nepal”
  • “Child Care and Education” by Tina Bruce
  • “How Children Learn: From Montessori to Vygotsky – Educational Theories and Approaches Made Easy” by Linda Pound
  • Volunteers need not have any specific skills just an enthusiasm and passion for contributing to the project and the local partner objectives.
  • Volunteers need to submit a criminal check not older than a year by the time of the project start date.

Health and safety

A change of environment, climate, food and lifestyle often results in minor, and occasionally more serious, illness. Please inform staff if you feel unwell at any time. The nearest emergency medical facilities are located in Pokhara and Kathmandu. You will never be more than a few hours drive from here and the facilities are of a very high standard.

Young girls in Nepal


All the most relevant and up to date in formation can be found in our field manual Volunteers need to meet at The Crown Hotel in Lakeside, Pokhara by 10 am on the program start date.

Additional Information

For your program you will need a tourist visa, for most nationalities this does need to be arranged in advance. The duration offered depends upon your nationality so please check to ensure you comply with immigration and airlines requirements regarding visas and entry prerequisites to the country such as proof of a return flight within a maximum number of days.