The below description has been provided by our implementing program administrator and is subject to change.

Program Overview

By teaching the skills of English, we are assisting in the long term development of this country. We hope that through our commitment to our work and our respectful attitude to the customs, traditions and practices of Laos, that we also leave behind good impressions of being a falang – a foreign friend.

Work involves either acting as a teacher’s assistant or responsible for teaching a class so you need to be prepared to adapt to different levels of responsibility and teaching methods.

Volunteers will be working at schools with varying age groups – from 8-15 years old.

Volunteer with Children in Laos

Where you’ll stay

Facilities may be more basic than you are accustomed to – please travel with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to local conditions. Accommodation is in shared rooms with fan and shared bathrooms at a local guesthouse. There is running hot and cold water available for showering. Western style toilets are in each of the bathrooms.

Volunteer with Children in Laos

Activities & Training

Things to do

In your down time you will be free to travel in the local area and can expect weekends off. In this time you could visit nearby caves, local handicraft villages, waterfalls, or go for boat rides on the Mekong River. Tour companies are plentiful in Luang Prabang and weekend trips are easy to arrange in country. We staff can point you towards reliable companies. Before and after your program you could explore Laos culture and countryside. Visit the modern day capital of Vientiane, or go tubing and trekking in Vang Vieng.

Grilling fish in Laos

Orientation and Training

Staff in the field will provide training on the skills required, but you may benefit from learning more about local history, culture and customs before you travel.

Good to Know

Application requirements

Staff in the field will provide training on the skills required, but you may benefit from learning more about local history, culture and customs before you travel.

Recommended reading includes:

  • “Laos Culture and Society” edited by Grant Evans. Published by Silkworm Books, 1999.
  • “Culture Shock – A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette: Laos” by Robert Cooper. Published by Marshall Cavendish Corporation, 2008

To get a head start on Teaching English as a foreign language have a look at the following websites. They offer ideas about activities that can be used for teaching a variety of subjects.

Volunteers need not have any specific skills just an enthusiasm and passion for contributing to the project and the local partner objectives. Volunteers need to be fluent in written and spoken English.

Health and safety

The nearest emergency medical facilities are located in Luang Prabang, not far from your placement. Staff will be trained in basic first aid. Please note that we cannot provide specific medical advice. Please consult your primary care provider (doctor, GP, etc.) or visit a travel clinic for further information. You should check with your doctor about appropriate vaccinations for coming to Laos.

Waterfront in Laos


All the most relevant and up todate in formation can be found in our field manual. Volunteers need to meet at Villa Merry 2 Guesthouse at 9 am on the program start date.

Additional Information

Field staff advise that you enter the country using a tourist visa. For most nationalities this can be arranged at a Laos embassy abroad or you can get a 30 day tourist visa upon entry into Laos. If you are planning on receiving your visa at the airport in Laos you will need to pay by cash – USD and Thai Baht are accepted.