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Program Overview

Teach in India

Gain international teaching experience as you travel with AFSNext to teach in India. This program offers the chance to work as a teacher’s assistant or lead your own classroom.

Teaching in India is ideal for anyone with an interest in helping educate young people as they prepare for college at home or abroad. Rolling monthly enrollment allows you to plan this experience around your schedule and begin the program when you choose.

During your time abroad, you’ll learn about Indian culture and India’s school system while also sharing your own skills and knowledge. You can take basic Hindi/local language lessons to help you communicate with your students and colleagues.

“Anywhere we went, we were met with genuine smiles from teachers and respectful ones from students. It was clear that here they were glad to see each person who entered the school. It had a warm and friendly atmosphere based on mutual respect. Moreover, teachers and authorities pay attention to the development and creativity of students. We were invited to the lesson of music, art and also attended Indian dance class. It was amazing! I had wonderful time there.” – Galina Rumyantseva

Teach in India with AFSNext

Where you’ll stay in India

Depending on your departure date and the current needs of available schools in India, you may be placed in cities like Indore or Ahmedabad, although you could be placed anywhere in India. You’ll likely work in a public school or a private boarding school, like the prestigious Daly College, Anand Niketan, or M.B. Patel. Once you arrive, you will stay in a school guest house or a shared accommodation. Food will be likely be provided by your school (dependent on whether or not you work in a boarding or day school).

Eligibility to teach in India

The Teacher Assistant Program is for educators 18-30-years-old, while the Experienced Teachers program is for those between the ages of 21 and 50. All teachers must speak proficient English.

Before you arrive in India, your school will conduct a phone interview to assess both your command of the English language and additional academic subjects. Your school placement will be ongoing, but participants are expected to stay for a minimum of four months.

Teaching Programs

Teach in India: Schedules and Programs

Typical Schedules

While you teach in India, you’ll likely find that the school system in India is very different from that in the U.S., providing you with a unique learning opportunity. Students generally begin their day with a Morning Prayer session, followed by a short discussion of current events led by the school’s principal or headmistress. School days usually start early, and most students arrive between 7:30-8:30 a.m. It is common for students to be required to wear uniforms.

During a typical week, you’ll work 35-40 hours, with classes beginning at 8:30 a.m. and continuing until 2:00 p.m. There is a high demand for teachers to help with reading and writing skills in English and other foreign languages (German, French, Italian, and Spanish), but you may also be placed in science (physics, chemistry, biology), mathematics, social science (history, civics, geography), or technology classes. You can expect to spend your days working alongside Indian educators to develop new teaching methods and create innovative lesson plans.

Teacher Assistant Program

The Teacher Assistant Program is designed for 18-30-year-olds, and allows participating educators to gain teaching experience and learn about India’s education system while assisting local teachers.

Experienced Teacher Program

The Experienced Teacher Program is designed for educators ages 21 to 50. During this program, teachers will collaborate with experienced educators while learning about India’s education system and culture. You’ll receive a monthly stipend from the school, which is generally 200 USD per month (dependent on the school and based on the qualifications and experience of the participant). The Experienced Teachers Program requires applicants to have a minimum of three years’ teaching experience, and a good knowledge of the intended subject matter.

AFS student teaching in India

Things to do

Community Engagement

After class, schools within the Teach in India program offer social and recreational programs for participants to join, like sports teams and debate clubs. Most schools also have elective classes like yoga, meditation, dance, arts and crafts, music, and more. Popular sports and activities include football (soccer), basketball, table-tennis, chess, and volleyball.

Cultural experience abroad in India