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Program Overview

Discover what everyday life is like in China while gaining experience in intercultural communication. This is your chance to make a difference by teaching English abroad and learning about the Chinese education system.

You could be placed in a variety of educational settings, including secondary schools and higher education institutions, in destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangdong. As you share your native language and culture, you’ll gain first-hand knowledge of teaching approaches and classroom management in China. In the process, you might be surprised at how quickly you make lasting friendships with your Chinese students!

During your time abroad, you’ll be able to learn Mandarin and get involved in the local community by attending Chinese language and culture classes. You can also take part in educational and fun group activities, orientations, and excursions.

Teach English in China with AFSNext

Teaching Assistant Program

Immerse yourself in Chinese culture as you assist full-time teachers with classroom teaching and management, after-school tutoring, lesson plans, and testing. You can expect to work about 15 hours per week, leaving you plenty of time to explore your neighborhood and experience the Chinese lifestyle! Most teaching assistants are volunteers, but some do receive a monthly stipend. Upon completing your program in China, you’ll receive a participation certificate. Teacher and students in China

Things to do

When you arrive in China, you’ll attend an orientation to learn some basic Mandarin so that you can effectively communicate with people in your neighborhood as well as your Chinese students. Experienced professional teachers will familiarize you with the education system in China to help you get a better understanding of classroom practices. You can also go on two optional cultural excursions. These excursions are usually long-distance trips to places enriched with Chinese history. Your adventures exploring the country are bound to help boost your insights into Chinese language and culture!

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Teaching Assistants are generally placed in schools in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, or Sichuan. Depending on your school placement, you’ll either live with a local host family or stay in teachers’ housing on campus.


The Teaching Assistant Program is designed for young adults ages 18-25 who have completed high school or are currently registered as a university student. (Participants beyond the age of 25 may also be considered.)

Experienced Teacher Program

Gain valuable international experience and help students succeed while working as an English teacher in China. You’ll get the chance to share your knowledge with students and colleagues as well as learn from skilled professionals. This program includes a 10-month teaching contract with a host school in China and TEFL training. To help you get the most out of your time abroad, you’ll be able to attend on-line learning sessions and a two-week training camp prior to beginning your teaching position. You can expect to work approximately 16-20 hours per week, depending on your school placement. Then in your free time you can explore the neighborhood and get to know the people in your community! Teaching English abroad in China

Salary and Accommodations

Teaching positions are available in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan, and Jiangsu. During your time in China, you’ll be provided with free accommodation in your area’s Foreign Experts’ quarters. You’ll receive a monthly salary from your Chinese host school, normally from September to June. Upon completion of your 10 month contract, your host school will reimburse you for your round trip Economy airfare.


The Experienced Teachers Program is open to native English speakers ages 22-55 with a Bachelor’s Degree or above. More than two years’ teaching experience is preferred.