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Program Overview

Study abroad at an international university in Karlsruhe, Germany

Gain valuable, real-world skills while earning college credit at an international university. Karlshochschule University in Karlsruhe, Germany offers a three-year Bachelor’s Degree Program, as well as an optional one-year preparatory program that provides international students with a direct path to undergraduate college studies in Germany.

All courses are conducted in English, but you’ll be encouraged to take German language classes for full immersion.

Study abroad in Germany

The Bachelor’s Degree Program is ideal for students interested in emerging service industries and international management, or for anyone looking to increase their understanding of global affairs and communication. The International Foundation Year program offers students the chance to acclimate to German culture and take language classes before continuing their studies in Europe or elsewhere.

Where you’ll stay in Germany

Students will have support from the Karlshochschule international office in finding an off-campus room/apartment.

Study Abroad in Germany Eligibility

The program is open to students with a high school degree.

Study Abroad in Germany


Bachelor’s Degree Program

Karlshochschule University gives students from all over the world the opportunity to study abroad in Germany and learn about international management. The Bachelor’s Degree Program combines fundamental education in general management with detailed information about specific industries. In your classes, you’ll learn about global economies and international markets as well as develop foreign language skills. Students will also get hands-on experience through internship and study abroad opportunities. At Karlshochschule University, you can expect your classes and real-world activities to help you prepare for a successful international career.

The following undergraduate programs are offered in English:

  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • International Tourism Management
  • Intercultural Management and Communication
  • International Relations, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
  • International Sustainability Management

Exploring street art

International Foundation Year (Studienkolleg)

Before enrolling in the Bachelor’s Degree Program, students are encouraged to participate in the International Foundation Year Program, through which they’ll have the chance to settle into German culture and take language classes. Courses are designed specifically for international students, and include English and German language training, German cultural studies, mathematics, and foundations in economics and business administration. This preparatory program is ideal for students with a high school degree from their home country who are looking to continue their education in Germany. By participating in the International Foundation Year, you’ll have time to adjust to academic culture and life at a German university. Students who pass the International Foundation Year at Karlshochschule successfully will be able to directly join their chosen Bachelor’s Degree program.

Program Facts

  • Language of Instruction: English
  • Affiliated institutions: Karlshochschule International University and InterCultur (a subsidiary of AFS Germany)
  • Application deadline: April 15, 2018