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Program Overview

Study Spanish and Colombian Culture in the “City of Eternal Spring”

Spend four weeks studying Spanish, living with a local family and exploring the beautiful city of Medellin! Medellin is a dynamic metropolis nestled in a narrow valley in the heart of Colombia, with high-rise buildings climbing up the nearby hillside.

During your month in Colombia, you’ll have the chance to discover your passions while attending a language and intercultural education course for English speakers at the Tecnologico de Medellin. Exploring subjects from basic communication skills to Latin America’s diverse traditions, you’ll likely walk away from this experience with a deep insight into another culture as well as life-long friendships.

By traveling with a small group to Colombia this summer, you’ll get to immerse yourself in Latin American culture and learn Spanish with other travelers who are as excited to soak it all in as you are!

Where you’ll stay

You’ll live with a Colombian host family who will provide you with breakfast and dinner. Your family can help you practice your Spanish as they introduce you to their way of life. You’ll likely find that taking part in daily activities with them is a great way to really immerse yourself in Colombian culture.


This program is open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 80. It is intended for beginners who know little to no Spanish. There are no education requirements to participate.

Spanish language study in Medellin, Colombia


You’ll attend a one-month language and intercultural education course at the Tecnologico de Medellin, a local school in Colombia. Classes are 4 hours each day and are held Monday-Thursday, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore the community and put what you’ve learned to the test. On a typical day, you’ll wake up and enjoy a traditional Colombian breakfast, then head to class where you’ll improve your Spanish through reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Your classes will cover basic Spanish, but also extend to the cultural background of Colombia and Latin America. Your courses will have a different focus each week, ranging from basic phrases to how to be an informed traveler.

  • Week 1: Personal introduction
  • Week 2: An approach to Latin-American traditions
  • Week 3: Artistic expressions in Latin America
  • Week 4: Traveling through Latin America

Medellin, Colombia

Things to do

The city of Medellin offers lots of activities, and you and your group will also be able to go on excursions to neighboring towns and villages. Medellin’s weather is warm year-round, so you’ll have plenty of time to go out and enjoy the “City of Eternal Spring.”

  • You and your group can visit the surrounding towns of Santa Fe de Antioquia and Guatapé, or take a trip to the monolith of El Peñol.
  • Medellin hosts flower parades, music festivals and a wide variety of parties. The holiday “Feria de las Flores,” or “The Flower Festival,” takes place from the end of July to the beginning of August and is a huge social event celebrated all throughout the city.
  • Medellin has a big, growing art scene and balances a dynamic art history with contemporary styles. You can visit the new Museum of Modern Art (MAMM), see the Fernando Botero statues, or walk around the city and appreciate its street art.
  • Another highlight is Colombia’s “coffee triangle” just outside the city. There you can enjoy the Colombian National Coffee Park and see where some of the world’s best coffee comes from! The area has proud people and little crime, and is a great place to relax, listen to music, and watch traditional dances.

Riding horses near Medellin, Colombia