The below description has been provided by our implementing program administrator and is subject to change.

Program Overview

Join a highly-successful and hands-on science center in the city of Perth, Western Australia. Founded in 1988, this organization’s mission is to increase interest, participation, awareness, and capability by all Western Australians (WA) in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This organization runs programs and exhibitions designed to engage the WA community in science and technology. Their hands-on approach to learning attracts over 300,000 visitors each year to its facility in City West. Its Outreach arm tours extensively across the state, reaching over 165,000 West Australians. AFS has worked in partnership with this organization for over 8 years, with up to 3 volunteers per year enjoying placements there.

This volunteer opportunity offers a unique experience in science communication, as well as working with children in a very positive and dynamic work environment. Volunteers will communicate about science with visitors and school students, run educational programs, help with special events, process memberships, and assist with a range of administrative tasks. The volunteer might even be asked to join the “Road Show,” joining the team in traveling around Western Australia taking different exhibits to schools! This organization is a very well supported and organized volunteer program which includes great orientation, training, and support.

Participants must volunteer for a minimum of 25 hours per week in their designated community placement.


Participants must be interested in science, technology, and education. In addition, participants should be passionate about working and communicating with children ranging from pre-school to high school. Someone interested in working with a vibrant and creative workforce of science educators is desirable.

Participants must have completed secondary education in their home country and evidence of this must be included in your application.

In addition to meeting the education and language requirements outlined above, applicants will also complete a Skype or Zoom video interview with AFS Australia staff. This is to ensure that applicants have the necessary communication skills, as well as to establish expectations regarding their placement.

Where you’ll stay

Participants live with an Australian host family who have been screened by AFS Australia. Please note that during the application process, if a participant rejects a host family placement by AFS Australia, a second placement is not guaranteed. AFS Australia works hard to provide high-quality host family placements for participants of the Community Service in Australia program. We use the information provided by applicants to match them with a suitable host family.

While most of our placements are highly successful, some participants do require or request a host family change. Where this is required, AFS Australia assists to provide participants with a new host family placement however, requests by participants for a host family change cannot always be met. In these situations, you will be able to seek advice from AFS Australia staff.

Participants should expect to volunteer and live in regional Australia. We recommend that they undertake research prior to departing their home country about both their community service organization and the place that they will be living so that they are fully prepared for their placement.