The below description has been provided by our implementing program administrator and is subject to change.

Program Overview

Our volunteer program in Mandeh focuses on developing the potential of the local people. With stunning landscapes and untouched nature, the local community is looking to develop an ecotourism complex that will create more economic growth. The local community is excited to expand and share the pristine beauty of their islands with visitors from all around the world!

As a volunteer, you will teach English to local youth representatives that will then pass the knowledge on to their peers. These lessons aim to prepare them for better communication with international visitors in the future. Thus, the greater the English fluency, the larger tourism services locals can provide! You may also need to include teaching materials that will help the community run their businesses. This program is a wonderful opportunity to empower a local community through English instruction, providing a ripple effect for sustainable change.

Mandeh consists of several small islands with pristine beaches, rivers, and mangrove forests. The Mandeh Islands are only a thirty-minute boat ride away from the mainland Sumatera, with many locals regularly taking trips back and forth to town for supplies every week. Experience the idyllic coastal life among a tight-knit community; it may seem like a simple life, but you’ll never run out of new things to learn!

Mandeh Islands, West Sumatra


There are no specific education requirements, but a passion for sharing knowledge and culture would be an advantage. You will be expected to speak in English. An ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia will be a plus, though you are not required to be able to speak Bahasa. You will learn some basic Bahasa once you arrive in Indonesia.

Activities & Training

Optional Excursions (For an additional fee)

When you’re not volunteering, Mandeh offers many marine tourism activities like cliff jumping or flying lanterns on the beach. You can also travel to Mentawai Island and witness tribal tattoo making or embark on a food culinary adventure in Bukit Tinggi! While these excursions are not included in the program, we will happily arrange them for you!

Mandeh Islands, West Sumatra

Where you’ll stay

Throughout the program, you will live with a local host family, which is a wonderful way to experience the local culture and community, firsthand. Become a part of an Indonesian family and learn how to navigate between the rich traditional culture and the bustling city scene!