College Credit Programs Abroad

AFSNext offers many college credit programs, including year, semester, and summer term courses on four continents.


What are the benefits of studying abroad?

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience with many benefits. From improving language skills in an immersive setting, to enhancing your social and professional network, there is a lot to gain from living in another country. Studying abroad can help expand your academic horizons and develop your ability to adapt to various educational and professional settings. Gaining new perspectives from a diverse set of cultures is shown to make people more dynamic, creative, resourceful, and flexible. In a globalizing world, these are the qualities that future employers are seeking. In almost every case, studying abroad in another country is cheaper than attending university in the United States. So, you could even save some money by studying abroad.


Why choose AFSNext?

Local Homestay: The majority of AFSNext College Credit programs include a homestay. Living with a host family is the best way to immerse yourself in a new language and culture.

Service Learning: Most of our programs include a service learning component. You will take academic classes and be placed with a local organization in your area of interest. You’ll put the knowledge and language skills you acquire to good use and give back to your host community.

Credit transfers: All the credits you receive while studying abroad with AFSNext are transferrable.


Highlighted College Credit Programs

Sustainable Development in Vietnam
Social Activism in Greece
Social Activism in Ireland
French Language and Euro-Mediterranean History in France
Spanish language and culture through an Afro-Caribbean lens in Colombia
Spanish Language and Indigenous Culture in Peru
Global Health in Tanzania
Karlshochschule University Foundation Year and/or Bachelor program


To discuss your options or learn more about study abroad opportunities, contact an AFSNext Specialist at or by calling (877)-AFS-NEXT.