Teaching English in Laos with AFSNext

Teaching English in Laos

Work alongside novice Buddhist Monks to help students receive an education.
Asia Childcare Education Laos Study Volunteer
Summer abroad in Ireland

Summer study in Ireland

Examine the importance of literature, film, language and culture in Irish society on a full-immersion summer experience.
Community Development Cultural Studies Europe Ireland Public Service Study
Engineering and Architecture Internships Abroad with AFSNext

Architecture and Engineering Internships

Explore engineering opportunities ranging from structural to biochemical work, or expand your design skills with an architecture internship.
Australia Creativity Europe France Intern Ireland North America Oceania Technology United Kingdom United States
Environmental Science Internships Abroad with AFSNext

Environmental Science Internships

Create a sustainable difference in the world by working with environmental policy makers or conducting field research.
Australia Environmental Conservation Europe France Intern Ireland North America Oceania United Kingdom United States
Intercultural Study Tour in Germany

Intercultural Study Tour in Germany

Spend your summer exploring German culture and joining in global workshops on conflict resolution and diversity.
Cultural Studies Europe Germany Study